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reclaimed wood

historic = reclaimed wood. yes, i love it, until I hear crap ideas like I did today. but don’t panic, they’re just students—they have time to learn better.

I’m not naming names, but this morning (even before my coffee and i had to drive to work, woe is me) K and I went to interior design class presentations of a project where each student had to reimagine the space of Peachtree Station as a photographer’s studio/gallery/community space. Cool project, fun to imagine other uses for a building that will very soon need to find some. But these kiddos, in their zeal to blend historic integrity, preservation, and modern interior design sensibilities all wanted to use reclaimed wood as a material, and not just any wood: they wanted to TURN THE BENCHES INTO RECLAIMED WOOD SURFACES. wtf?? go get your own already reclaimed wood and leave the perfectly good beautiful (already-been-claimed-wood) benches alone!

by Halston Pitman

Granted, this was just a class project, and I do suspect they were really just trying for some cool creative points somewhere in their project, but part of the point WAS to understand the principles of Historic Preservation and, that aside, part of their schooling (as interior designers or otherwise) should be to appreciate what is THERE, and no one in their right minds should tear apart exquisite train station benches (especially if you have ever sat in them, so comfortable!) for the purpose of sanding down and using the wood as a floor or wall surface. We have a very nice couch at our house, it’d be like me saying, hey i love this fabric, let’s tear up the couch and make curtains.

Reaching, they were really reaching for creative points, and I hope they didn’t really think that was a good idea and I hope nobody else does either.