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snow shutdown

repost from Sunshine blog

We are still snowed in here in the atl, and we with no heat, here’s how our days have gone:

day 1: (sunday) snow starts at 8pm and doesn’t stop, by midnight there’s inches and inches all over the city! Nimby doesn’t know what to think, he chases every footstep he takes and doesn’t want to come in til he’s figured it out.

day 2: wake up to a beautiful white world, precipitation stopped along with the heat in our house. brrr. J braves going to work for some reason (one 6 cars on I-20 he reports, one of 4 people at work: Home Depot hdqtrs. we think he’s crazy and suspect lots of others do too). Viv’s work canceled but it’s so cold (by now 58 and going down) in the house we trudge up to the coffee shop, VERY few cars braving the roads which are mostly icy under that snow. we settle in there for a few hours, then walk home for lunch, picking up space heaters from B on the way. we don’t want to drive to Lowes after all. the afternoon and evening is spent at midway pub (opened at 3 with one bartender) with the whole neighborhood. some people walked 45 min (about 2 miles) to be with friends and beer. it’s quite packed by 9 when we walk back down the middle of Flat Shoals Rd.

day 3: no one going to work again. we set up office in the kitchen (and J at his desk in the connected bunny room), but the space heaters aren’t cutting it, the rest of the house is 48F and our room not much better. at noon i brave the roads to get backup. much better. temps still below freezing but the light traffic seems to be clearing some roads. our street is still a sheet of ice though.

day 4: (wednesday) busy day at work, still a sheet of ice outside the front of the copy shop. we’re the only copy shop open apparently so people are calling us from all over the city. fedex and ups not delivering, great. icy walking everywhere, all these cold nights turns any moisture on the ground to ice.

day 5: (thurs morning) our yards still a thick block of ice, it cruches underfoot, but you have to walk hard on your heels or you’ll slide.

oh, heat? who knows. I haven’t been in my room for more than clothes (which i leave overnight in the bathroom) in days, sleeping in C’s bed cause it’s closer to the bathroom which is warm (:

being at Sunshine in the cold has really prepared me for this, it ain’t bad atall!