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Beltline adv #585

So, 2 weeks ago with P and R, we followed my Trust for Public Land driving tour around the south side and up the west of the beltline. We drove past the old Bellwood Quarry (several times) which is one of the beltline’s many key features, and through the giant Tillford railyards, but we were unable to really explore much beltline in this heavily industrial and still undetermined stretch of the route. But yesterday I went on an official bus tour of the whole beltline and gained a little more insight.

The tour itself was super-informative, she discussed tax allocations and the responsibilities of the various organizations formed around the beltline project as much as she discussed the projects, plans, parks, and history of sites along the route. in short, everything. We went into Bellwood Quarry and peered over the edge to the cool blue-green pool of water below—you may recognize it from parts of Walking Dead. The quarry will be a reservoir for the city’s drinking water and will be filled practically to the top edge where we stood! The hills around will likely have hiking trails while the flat plains in the center of the huge park to come could be ball fields or, as me and my seatmate concurred, an open space left to natural grasses and a winding boardwalk trail through…

At Tillford Yards, right outside the quarry’s entrance, our helpful guide pointed out a cute little railroad tunnel headed under the whole thing. The beltline couldn’t actually cross through there, it’s too narrow and prob used by the yards which aren’t going anywhere of course, but i know where i’d like my next adventure to be!