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turkey chase

On my first day alone on the job I was chased by a turkey. Seriously.


I went out to Lithonia yesterday afternoon to inspect the H Homestead. No one was home so I parked outside the gate, let myself in, and was immediately seduced by the landscaping. A family lives in the house but the property is also used as (i think K said) a nursery, incorporating all the old farm buildings, a pond, etc, into their lush landscape. I intended to check it out after i inspected the house exterior but i would not make it that far. I walked on around the house and started to take pictures and notes, it was such a pleasant place! I got back to the front porch and wondered why it was such a mess—but at least, thought i, that doesn’t seem to be doing any real damage, as long as they clean… and then he appeared.


Thanksgiving incarnate, walking toward me, so fluffed up his feathers dragged the ground with an ominous “shhHHHH” sound. I was in awe, and began taking his picture now. But he wouldn’t leave me alone! He hopped off the porch and began following me around the yard, closer and closer, when i tried to pause he came within a foot or so and I, not really wanting to get pecked took his silent hint and kept moving. No, he never said a word, but he also never let his feathers down until i was out of the front gate and had shut it behind me!