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tree sale

As I type this the annual Tree Sale at Trees Atlanta over in Cabbagetown (or Reynoldstown as they say) is still going on, but Viv and I arrived right at 8:00 to make sure we got what we wanted. Viv was prepared, armed with the list and notes all over it, we got 2 tea olives and then 2 more orange tea olives cause they were priced right, a sycamore and, our one impulse purchase, a curly cue filbert (hazelnut) which may or may produce nuts, but it is one heck of a delightful-looking plant.

tree sale 2

Trees Atlanta is one of the coolest non profits this city has. They began in the 1980s planted trees downtown because there were NO trees really at all, an appalling sight. Today, downtown’s street trees are beautiful and shady. Dad was headed this way in Jackson of course, with his plant now ask later, or rather, plant now, point out to the mowers later. Perhaps one day there will be such an organization, official and supported in Jackson! Anyway, more of Trees Atlanta history can be read here.

The tree sale happens every year, a good way to get a huge variety of trees for your yard. Tree Atlanta, while they are responsible for CREATING a lot of greenspace have also taken it upon themselves to take care of the trees both that they plant and that exist. They understand that for the city and citizens to be happy with them, they need to place trees appropriately for traffic and keep them limbs out of joggers’ eyeballs. To this end, pruning is probably the most important and never-ending task that the organization has and they offer classes in Piedmont Park (where they also plant) on pruning and you have to graduate from to be on the volunteer pruning task force. When it comes to planting, Trees Atlanta knows their trees and select appropriate trees for each site (and no Bradford Pears of course) and native.

After the tree sale, we stopped at Homegrown for breakfast (how could we not?) and saw a chicken crossing the road on the way over. no, seriously, we did.