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Springerle [mostly] Fail

I don’t quite know what to make of the Springerle cookies that so attracted me in Viv’s Washington Post a week ago. My first batch was most likely a little overcooked: they do keep well but you have to dunk them in your hot coffee while you count to 10 before eating if you don’t want to break a tooth. The second batch of the same recipe was much much different for no apparent reason and came out a bit chewy. All i can find online is that they are supposed to be ‘dense’ but should you have to use a hammer to break them? should they taste like dried playdough? I give up. On the recipe #2. Marzipan springerle-like cookies. I also overcooked these but they turned out ok for it, except that we were on the last 8 inches of parchment paper and I learned the wisdom of the stuff. I had to scrape the ones on the pan off with a knife this morning and, needless to say, most of those did not survive. Being overcooked and super-sweet, these came out like almond-candy-cookie, they too benefit from a 10 second dunking in warm liquid.

I’m still hankering after some sort of mastery here, but I’ve given up on recipes that only use an egg or two as the binder for powdered sugar and flour. Sticking with the anise thing (a wonderful after-dinner palate-cleanser in my opinion) I’m going to experiment with anise biscotti.

On a more successful note, I ended up making a double batch of Dad’s Christmas Cookies (60-80?) for Viv to take to a Christmas cookie exchange. I packed most of the remaining ones in a box which i brought to work yesterday and today they are GONE. tried and true. (those are the round, sugar-coated “wedding cookies” pictured)