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Foreclosure may put Monkeys in Straits

It’s not everyday that a skyscraper goes on the chopping block, or rather, the steps of the courthouse auction block, or is it? The news came yesterday over the morning radio that the 55-story Bank of America Plaza was going into foreclosure and would be auctioned off. The fact of this does not really concern me, if you look on Wikipedia, the current owners paid a hefty $436 million—$348 per square foot—for the building, well, it seems like a lot but I know nothing about buying skyscrapers.

What wikipedia will NOT tell you (anymore) about this building is that in the odd exposed-structure pyramidal top, monkeys dwell. It’s true, says J, a native of the Atlanta metro area who ought to know. Originally the pyramidal top was intended to be covered in glass, but, somehow, the weight of the glass was not taken into account in the construction and had to be left off. What was left was a pyramidal jungle gym perfect for monkeys and you can even hear them calling on late nights downtown. Listen for them next time you’re headed to the Fox.

So, foreclosure, what will this mean for the monkeys?