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more cemeteries still

Driving up and down the backroads and dirt roads of Gray, Ga., I found this poetic spot, it looked like a cemetery but there were sculptures carved from tree stumps and trunks, it was someone’s spiritual oasis. The carver may have been Charles Robert Rogers or his good friend buried nearby. next to each is a spot for their wives to lay and between the pairs is a bench which i imagine the women sitting on together, uncomfortable as it may be. This is their spot I am pretty certain. But they are not alone there, I stopped and peered over a well-made stone wall and found a tombstone: “to the memory of Nehemiah Dunn who died May 8, 1821.” I’d never seen a stone wall like this, so confined, like a family plot with no gate. It may have marked the boundaries of the entire original family cemetery. At any rate, it prepared me for the 2nd mysterious stone wall i would run across just down the road.

I finally found the C House, I drove slowly this time, peering into every gap in the trees, for the mailboxes were few and 758 had to be somewhere between here and there. I finally spotted the house, peeking out from many layers of overgrowth and began picking my way toward the house, stomping to chase snakes away from my sandalled feet. Mental note: bring extra shoes. With a completely new foundation I thought the house had been moved there, but if it was this was definitely an old house site. This is pecan country and the house is surrounded by many of my favorite nut trees, left from the house (i mean the other left) stretch a line of OLD and [once] well-groomed holly trees which seem to lead me straight to a long low stone enclosure exactly like i’d just seen, another family cemetery! This one was longer and narrower, reminding me of a trough, but at the far end another more dilapidated enclosure of iron fencing made me pretty certain that, though there were no tombstones that i could see, this was a burial ground. The stone wall, even the graves don’t have to be as old as the death date of Mr. Nehemiah Dunn previously, but the C House here was built in 1805 and the size of the trees growing inside the wall attest to some age.