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grocery cart + graffiti gallery

what is it with grocery carts in unregulated spaces?? Grocery carts and graffiti seem to go together like peas in a pod, both indicators of a “subculture” most of us are not privy to.

graffiti + grocery cart 1
Under I-85 overpass, found after walking around the top of the Ansley Park Golf Course. This is an excellent tunnel in which to find beautiful examples of Wildstyle graffiti.

graffiti + grocery cart 2
This is the metal wall along Wylie St in Cabbagetown that shields Hulsey Yards from the neighborhood. The wall is a gallery of Wildstyle pieces.

graffiti + grocery cart 3
Located across from the new Old Fourth Ward Park and just under an existing skate park on the west side of the corridor. Notice even notable Atlanta writers, “Born” and “Vomet” are not above tagging over publically sanctioned wall murals.

beginning of a very nice long cold walk

the beginning of a very nice long walk
december 5, 2009