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if i’m not home by evening

look for me in a cemetery in Jefferson, Georgia.

I looked out over the Chattahoochee as i drove by, a warm river-brown that looked so very cool with its shady green banks. I longed to jump in, but i had to plug on, a former log-cabin in a Suwanee subdivision and a circa 1820 farmhouse in Carnesville.

But after the house inspections there were cemeteries to stop at cause I had entered Jackson county, where my 5x-great-grandfather settled after the Revolutionary war (traced, it should be noted, almost entirely through the women of the family). I looked at my map of Georgia (no GPS will ever darken my dashboard) but soon opted to just follow signs to Jefferson, heading in the general direction meanwhile and stopping at all promising cemeteries. They were ancient indeed, some going back as far as I needed but no Samuel Knox to be found, and only one Borders, much too late but possibly a descendant in the same line as John who took Cynthia away to Anniston, my 4x-great-grandmother/father. Samuel Knox MAY have been a fairly prominent settler in Jackson Co, living somewhere in the region near Jefferson, so I was determined to find the Jefferson City Cemetery (which took way longer than it ought to’ve but gave me a good tour of the center of town). I looked at every grave that looked old enough (1832) but found only a handful that were and still, no Sam. I put off my search until next time and headed back to Atlanta as rain threatened.