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comeback and green tomatoes


well, RT had a good point, while I’ve been WAITING for those good-lookin’ tomatoes to start turning red, I could be eating at least a couple as green tomatoes. I was reluctant to harvest them they looked so great but, well, might as well give the plant a break I guess. I plucked 2 gorgeous green beauties, looked up the recipe for Jackson, Mississippi’s signature Comeback Sauce and, well, the rest is history. My sauce was as good as it is at Walker’s or the Mayflower and N was a fan (anything with mayo).

So, screw these summer showers that are messing with our gardens, my fried green tomatoes came out the best ever. Probably because after making the ingredient-heavy comeback sauce I had established a temporary patience for ingredients and recipes and actually dipped the tomato slices in an egg-yogurt (we had no milk) batter and then seasoned cornmeal so that the crust stuck to the fried green tomatoes just as it should. We had simmered black beans, bacon, and leftover corn salad on the side.

Now it’s only 11 am, but I’ve already gobbled up my lunch of leftover beans and lettuce topped with Comeback Sauce. No kidding, it goes with anything.

Below is the recipe I used, which I halved, made a few substitutions according to availability in the cabinet, and put it just a tad less mayo and plenty more black pepper. My recommendation is to feel free to do the same!

recipe from Deep South Dish but found here

1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup chili sauce — bottled
1/4 cup ketchup
1 teaspoon spicy mustard — (Creole mustard)
1 cup mayonnaise
8+ turns of the pepper mill, or more if desired
2 dashes hot sauce
1/4 teaspoon Cajun seasoning
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice — (or more if desired)

1. Combine all ingredients in blender and process until smooth.
2. Pour into a refrigerator jar or lidded container and store in refrigerator.

the half-veg please

lunch That’s what I’m calling my tofu and beef burrito from the Yumbii truck. They looked at me a little skeptically the first time or two but have since acquiesced to my request without a double-take or an increase in price. Heck yeah. I never order the same thing twice, but things are little different when it comes to food trucks and I am so thankful that the Yumbii truck has made Thursdays across from Rhodes Hall a habit.

M says the food truck revolution in Atlanta is ‘just a fad’ but he doesn’t know what i know of NYC and I believe there is no end in sight.

Korean Tacos

and food trucks in Atlanta.

it was Friday afternoon and I was free, Mark, who was visiting from Jackson, and I had plans to scout out the Korean taco truck, which I have visited plenty of time at the Urban Picnic in the parking lot of the Sweet Auburn Curb Mkt by the Atlanta Street Food Coalition (lots of names there), but I have not had the chance to track them down this winter since they have become the FIRST food truck to get a permit to sell food mobilly on Atlanta’s city streets. Like food trucks in NYC (and my particular favorite the Treats Truck), they twitter they’re location each day/the night before but have a general schedule of locale. It seems that at least twice a week for instance they are in Buckhead, a mere 2 block walk from McC’s office. That is a 2 block walk she convinced her Atlantan co-workers they needed to take. Amazing huh? And now they know, the korean taco truck is worth it, or, more accurately Yumbii. So that’s where we went for lunch Friday, after yoga i picked up M and H in ctown, then to downtown to get Mark and straight up to 17th St where we found the Yumbii truck still parked in Atlantic Station. Having never been faced with such ample time to devote to just a korean taco experience (at the Urban Picnic you have to save room for so many other delicious food choices, least of which is not a King of Pops popsicle, but i’ll tell ya about that when it’s back in season), I loaded up with a beef taco AND the pork sliders (total: $6) and had trouble finishing it all. next time i’m going to stick to my 2 taco limit, esp when they’re filling them to the max like they were the other day at 2.