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crop mob at last

I finally made it to my first Crop Mob! This has been happening on monthly basis for at least 2 years and I’ve been meaning to go for just that amount of time, get the email every month, say I should go, even sign up and… you know the drill. Anyway, it’s a very simple concept, people show up at local farms that could use some hands to weed, shovel manure, top-dress seedlings. You get to work about 9:30 and when you’re done it’s lunchtime provided by some local, farm-to-table-sympathizing eatery. Today it was vegetarian gumbo from Five Season Brewery—some of us were kind of relieve about the vegetarian part, but it wasn’t because we were picky.

The location was East West Farm in May-retta (sorry, i can’t help but say it like that). It’s a bizarre little piece of property on the Barrett Parkway, just off the Dallas Highway (Whitlock Ave), so not far out of town and, as you would expect, wedged between 2 appropriately-named subdivisions (Bolton Abbey and Green Acre Farms or some such). It’s one of those crappy little 1940s bungalows or early ranches that you see, sheathed in asbestos shingles and often overgrown, pokeweeds at the picture window, a property just waiting for the recession to end. But this one is lived in, a lived in well. D and family are new to the area, having started this farm up just this past year, he has a small truck garden in the side yard, a profusion of newly planted fruit trees, a dairy cow and 2 calves and a bevy of chickens. All this just over the back fence from one of those over-sized multi-gabled vinyl-sided boxes. In fact, the neighbor had a full view of our chicken slaughtering operation. Well, to be honest, I was not helping with that, I shoveled woodchips, weeded, and side-dressed the kale seedlings, just getting close enough for some good photos of the poultry processing (80 or so I heard?).