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a Druid Hills weekend

Max and I finally got to go for a walk Saturday morning. Once we’d gotten around all the other folks out walking we were able to enjoy the day, sunny, fall, sycamore leaves littered the sidewalks, orangey and brown on Oxford Rd against the green of an embankment, the yellow brick of another Italianate house, or perhaps the red-brown brick of an English Vernacular one. No matter, the air was lovely as the leaf-blowers stopped to let us pass. Until then, Max and I had been going on our daily constitutional out in the “back 40” as S calls the long narrow ramble of their lot. He wants to plant it in corn he says, something he can look out over. I don’t know who’s going to break it to him that farming probably ain’t something an Atlanta dentist should try his hand at, not so close to the Druid Hills Country Club anyhow. What would they say?!

Druid Hills is a fine old (for Atlanta) neighborhood. Planned by the Olmstead Brothers, the neighborhood is “a picturesque scheme of streets, parkways, and elevated building sites preserving the profusion of trees and shrubbery” (from The Old In New Atlanta), appropriate to Mr Olmstead’s philosophy of urban planning. Joel Hurt, of Inman Park development fame in the 1890s, is primarily responsible for the development of this upscale neighborhood which, soon after the sale of the acreage in 1908 became home to such luminaries as Asa Candler (the Candler Mansion on Ponce) and was filled with other outstanding homes still there today. Most are imposingly solid Colonial Revival and Italianate homes. Today Druid Hills is a National Register Historic District (map) and a local historic district which means that K and S have to succomb to a Historic Pres Commission (HPC) when planning their additions and renovations.

Druid Hills 2

So, for my 4 night stay there, I had grand ideas to bike around those luxurious neighborhood streets with P (there are 2 P’s—well, 3 if you count P—which is a little confusing) and we eventually got to do just that on Sunday. Zipping back and forth along N. Decatur Rd. we took in the first breath of fall, and the first drops of rain in weeks. Druid Hills is also the home of the Druid Hills Golf Club established in 1912 and THE Club to be a part of in NE Atlanta and Decatur and Emory University which is at the end of the W’s street. P introduced me to Emory Village, a tiny hub of eateries and fake yogurt now anchored by a roundabout at one corner of Emory campus. So yeah, good day.