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Adventures in Parking #2

You may not all know about #1 but that was when i locked my keys in my car downtown. At that time I accidentally forgot to pay for parking and it went unnoticed, but last night the illicitness was intentional. I thought I could get away with it and left my car in a gated lot, only to find, at 9:35 when i got to the desolate part of the block i’d parked on that my car was locked inside! i was so stressed with school I calmly decided not to worry about it til morning, immediately preparing myself to pay whatever it took. Thank goodness for neighbor classmates—I called J and she gave me a lift home.

There was nothing else for it, I woke up before 5am, early even by my studying standards (but Viv was still up first) and headed out the door for the 5:24 bus. Do they even run that early i wondered, but soon enough boarded a half-full bus which is pretty good for Marta! sure enough, 5:51 found me at Five Points and walking north toward my car, the streets were still shady. Moments after I arrived (gate still locked which i was glad of, hoping to catch the attendant), a Rapid Taxi van pulled up and a not-very-talkative fellow hoped out to unlock the gates, 6am on the dot.

I am totally in support of the disjointed 3rd party parking lot operator system! I drove out of there scot-free but you can bet i won’t be parking THERE again.

This put me on Peachtree headed north at 6:05am, an ungodly hour to be in downtown Atlanta, but lo and behold a Starbucks was open on the corner of 6th (or so, i’m not really sure how far up i am), so i’ve enjoyed watching the light come up and Atlantans come out in the early morning. I have to note that even the Starbucks on Peachtree has a local crowd, people know each other here, this one guy next to me chats with a kid and his dad, a girl with her out-of-town guests in for a conference says hello to other neighbors who ask about her dog, and an older fellow studying his Bible has an early morning meeting, while joggers come in for coffee before heading home to change for work. It’s been a rather enjoyable morning and i think, even if i’d had to shell out the dough, it would’ve been a good morning anyway. Now is it almost time for me to saunter on up Peachtree to Rhodes Hall where i will park my car totally legally and free for the rest of the day.

it is also pretty cool that i can take a photo with my computer for this post (: