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the streetcar in motion

ok, don’t get too excited, the Atlanta Streetcar isn’t yet moving under its own steam but merely went for a guided tour of its future route while the distance from platforms, curbs, poles, street signs, and anything else within reach was checked. The overhead wires as well were under close inspection as the Z-shaped arm—pantograph (yeah i looked that up)—slid along them.

I took the inducement from the Creative Loafing headline seriously, “…bring the whole family!” it said, so N and I detoured up Auburn on the way home late Friday night. It was about 1:30am and since midnight the streetcar hadn’t gotten far from its home under the bridge. We found it at a standstill just about five blocks away, nearly to Woodruff Park. We hung out with the workers and a handful of onlookers for a bit, watching the measuring, and the, well it was kind of hard to tell what was going on exactly but the atmosphere was very relaxed, they had all night. We tried out the platform bench and watched as the streetcar was finally towed into the stop—it was moving!!