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Oakdale and McLendon, 1984

Oakdale-McLendon 1984

Fourteen property owners in the neighborhood bought the c.1930s gas station at NE corner of Oakdale and McLendon when they felt it was endangered. It was restored and turned into an arts and crafts gallery co-operative, “Candler Park Corner.” Judith Gott, one of those artists, still owns the building and the small nook on its right side houses Maria Nagy’s Hungarian bakery, Palacsinta.

Community spirit and engagement was a high priority at the time. In 1984, the neighborhood was poised to rally yet again around the proposed Presidential Parkway (a battle which had been temporarily won in the early 1970s), but, “while restoring and renovating,” residents also “found time to organize a community theater, open arts and crafts shops, [and] fight crime” according to a February 2, 1984 article which came out just after the neighborhood was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. That nomination, by the way, can be found here.

This neighborhood wouldn’t be what it is today with the activists of its past and though the neighborhood is prospering today I think we have a lot to learn from the Candler Park of the 1970s and 80s.

351 Brooks

or EXACTLY why we need to be a Local Historic District!

Talk about galvanizing, the proposed design is typical of many outlying cul-de-sac developments but holds absolutely no relation as a Candler Park house. I might revel in the thought that something this ugly would never sell for the kind of profit the developer must be looking for, but that would bring no solace once it’s built. On my street it will be impossible to turn a blind eye to something this large and hideous. And guess what?! except for variances requested for paving the front yard (53%) and extra-wide driveway to allow a front yard turn-around for the 2-car front-facing garage, it’s entirely within zoning regulations! Maxed out height and size, but allowable.

I don’t know how the developer expects to make money on this, I wish they’d get a better design/designer. This is a slap in the face to the neighbors and neighborhood — not that they care.

351 Brooks-elevations2

(above) the plans for a subdivision mansion at 351 Brooks make it pretty clear the developer has absolutely no design sense or a care for the neighborhood. I’ll just assume the architect (designer of many subdivision homes) has never heard of Candler Park and was given only measurements and zoning limits to work with because what person with a professed sense of design would knowingly put this here???

(below) the now-empty lot in situ, typical Candler Park 1-story houses on either side

351 Brooks-empty1.jpg


is March demolition month?

Last week was a tough week for historic buildings in my sphere. It began with the dramatic Sunday morning demolition of the c.1963 Georgia State Archives building downtown. But early in the week a neighbor and I noticed a team removing asbestos siding from a cute yellow house at 456 Candler Park Drive. On Thursday the bulldozer arrived and it was half gone by lunch time when I biked past on my way home. As I turned up Brooks, a bulldozer had finally been delivered to 351 Brooks, a house whose fate we neighbors have known and dreaded for some time. Friday was the day.

As I write this, the sound of bulldozers still scraping the lot where M once lived and the ring of hammers just behind on Clifton (where an adorable green duplex stood until this January) are clawing at my soul. I’ve already told my neighbors they better not sell their houses. ever. because I can’t handle this happening right next door to me. I know my down-the-street neighbors feel the same way and wish they could’ve stopped this.

351 Brooks demo351 Brooks comes down, Friday, March 10 #candlerparkteardown

nearing the end

This is the homestretch of my Historic Preservation grad school days. I mean REALLY the homestretch, I am almost within a week of freedom! (and then I’ve got to get back to some freelance work…) As mom pointed out to me the other day, I’m the first one with a Masters! I think she meant the first in my family. LW-cover1Coming from a pretty well educated group of folks (men and women alike) that is kind of surprising. Or it could just be a sign of the times, as I heard on NPR this morning, jobs that didn’t require a Bachelors or a Masters 5 years ago are requiring them now, requiring. This field is one of them. But I have no time for an expanded post on the “End of School Dayz” Round 2 (or 3 really if you count MSMS and I would). I’ve got studying to do. I just wanted to report that I’ve found my direction on this project, the last HP group project I will participate in and design as a grad student. From here on out I want to get paid for this s**t!


short stories

what are we but the sum of our stories?
and, possibly, our ability to tell them.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that nothing cool has ever happened to me and I remember that in fact cool things do, for instance, my cast iron skillet? picked up on a sidewalk in brooklyn, near Green-Wood Cemetery, it was sitting nicely on an aqua blue bathmat waiting for me to come along. Of course I carried it around the rest of the day too.

That is not elaborated one bit, but occasionally i realize I am my father’s daughter and despite all my childhood eye-rolling I can claim a few falsehoods just because they sound good. The other night for example I claimed to be the owner of an axe, but in fact I am not. My brother has his own axe and it’s at Sunshine right now which sometimes I consider to be my home, but I don’t have an axe, I was just trying to sound impressive. I do have a sledgehammer.

not-yet Cuba

Well, I couldn’t get going on schoolwork this morning and i’d just gotten some suitcase organizing things from Rick Steves (an impulse purchase from previous evening of distraction from studying) so… I packed for Cuba. it was actually helpful in that i discovered i have all the clothes i need for the trip and don’t have to plan a shopping excursion, but now of course i have to unpack because we’re not leaving for 3 weeks!

i guess i’m looking forward to it

Turned Georgian

Several years ago, back in New York City, i kept a blog called “new york days” in which i wrote about my adventures in and around my home as a transplant. I wish i could point you to those posts as they were usually a great read, but somehow I lost that blog shortly after moving south and starting the Sunshine blog. You can, however, peruse the various photos taken for “new york days” and get some idea of the myriad adventures.

Now I have called Atlanta my home for well over a year—I even have the license and Dekalb Co tags to PROVE my residency. I have had adventures here, but so far they have been undocumented! what a shame, i say, what a waste! the blog itself serves half as encouragement for these adventures, a place to go in order to write, or a place to write because i went. In any case, it is high time I  start something. Not to mention the fact that, as many of you know, I am now in grad school for Historic Preservation and so some of my future wanderings promise to be very well researched. This is in no way related to schoolwork though we do have a blog for American Built Environments which may serve as a dual posting point for me depending on what sorts of entries we are encouraged to write. I also hope to get up a backlog of unwritten posts from the past year, i hope you don’t mind. Atlanta more and more is where I know I should be right now in my life, where i feel I belong. Twice a week I ride the bus downtown to school and home again, I pass houses and sit at bars my parents once knew, I play kickball where I imagine they sat in the grass. Though I’m not from Atlanta, there is something of roots here for me in this transient city.

as for the Sunshine blog, i intend to keep it up as appropriate. All things related to the house, Cavett family, the land and farming life will still be posted there.

I’ll be back-dating some posts so be sure to scroll down!


t-shirt reads “I Love Atlanta”—I guess it was meant to be