351 Brooks

or EXACTLY why we need to be a Local Historic District!

Talk about galvanizing, the proposed design is typical of many outlying cul-de-sac developments but holds absolutely no relation as a Candler Park house. I might revel in the thought that something this ugly would never sell for the kind of profit the developer must be looking for, but that would bring no solace once it’s built. On my street it will be impossible to turn a blind eye to something this large and hideous. And guess what?! except for variances requested for paving the front yard (53%) and extra-wide driveway to allow a front yard turn-around for the 2-car front-facing garage, it’s entirely within zoning regulations! Maxed out height and size, but allowable.

I don’t know how the developer expects to make money on this, I wish they’d get a better design/designer. This is a slap in the face to the neighbors and neighborhood — not that they care.

351 Brooks-elevations2

(above) the plans for a subdivision mansion at 351 Brooks make it pretty clear the developer has absolutely no design sense or a care for the neighborhood. I’ll just assume the architect (designer of many subdivision homes) has never heard of Candler Park and was given only measurements and zoning limits to work with because what person with a professed sense of design would knowingly put this here???

(below) the now-empty lot in situ, typical Candler Park 1-story houses on either side

351 Brooks-empty1.jpg


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