too many tomatoes – it’s a thing

So, you remember my FedEx suitor back when I was living at Sunshine? How his “gift” of 25 super tomato plants made me really truly realize I was going to have to invent a big city boyfriend pretty soon? Well, if it weren’t for the other hints he gave me in that department I would say I was totally naive, because the tomatoes were nothing, the tomatoes were, well, i was probably just helping him out, big time.

After that first year at Sunshine (where growing things from seed was successful but not overly so), I’ve grown vegetables from seed every year, it’s a real boon, $3 for a packet of organic tomato seeds yielding 10-15 tomato plants (and I thin them now without compunction and save half the packet for next year) vs. $3-4 for a single tomato plant from the store? no-brainer, plus the VARIETY of tomatoes I have to choose from! 4 varieties is always too many, but I have a hard time stopping myself. Anyway, after I’ve gotten all I can in the ground and looked around for extra places to put a few more I’m left with flats of seedlings too pretty to toss! (I also inadvertantly lean toward the indeterminate varieties which means they grow long and luscious, willy nilly over everything—shrubbery, it turns out, is a handy support for such tomato plants.)

I’ve forced tomatoes (and eggplants, the Ping Tung Long variety turned out to have pretty potent little seeds—ahem) on all my friends that MIGHT grow them but still have some left so this morning I resorted to the neighborhood listserve and have put them out on the front porch. They are hopefully off to good homes as we speak!


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