garden update

(the Huerkamps would appreciate this)

After numerous bags of the cheap “topsoil” and “compost” from Lowes, splurging for some delicious Farmer D bags of dirt (1.5 c. ft. for $7.50), adding a bit of my own compost and churning up yard dirt, I was still a long way from filling the garden beds Naoya had completed for me. With seedlings ready to go in any day, I wrapped up my research and on a Friday afternoon pulled into Cummin Landscape Supply in the neighborhood to talk dirt.

I explained the problem, I needed at least 12 or 15 c. ft. by my estimates, but was tired buying bags of dirt, and really just wanted a pile of plain ole dirt! They guy noted that people usually just bring containers to put dirt in their car, Rubbermaid buckets, boxes, etc. I considered going home, but really, couldn’t we just TRY to put it in my car? I mean, this is what I have the tarp for. I spread it out fully for him to see, there! just like big tarp bag the size of my trunk with the seats folded down.

In the end this guy helped me shovel 1/2 cubic yard (about 13 c. ft.) into the trunk of the prius, which, along with 2 bags of their compost came to $19. I can sweat for that!

DSCN1775 DSCN1777-dirt-in-prius

Back home the wheelbarrow’s deflated tires proved impossible to fill so I hauled dirt like a water carrier from the trunk to the garden, and it filled it perfectly.

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