goodbye Atlanta Braves,


I can’t claim that one, N came up with it. It was over breakfast at a posh Caribbean resort, we were reading the provided NYTimes daily digest and there it was, major national news that our hometown baseball team was abandoning us for the burbs. But Marietta Crackers is great, striking so many nerves in one swift blow—racism, elitism, AND it’s historical! Not that I have much against Marietta, it’s not a suburb in fact but a historic town in its own right, but the name works well with in-town bias. Another suggestion floating on fbook has been the Cobb Commuters, more descriptive but lacking the ring. Maybe the Cobb County Crackers would be better. yeah, i like it.

Atlanta Crackers Stadium c. 1950, GSU Special Collections

Atlanta Crackers Stadium c. 1950, GSU Special Collections

Moving on, cause this is serious. There are a lot of good points, and bad. A lot of things we’ve gotten emotional about in the last few days and biasedly overlooked. I am not the expert so I’m not going to write my own spiel but I’ll lead you to some excellent articles on the subject and a few kicking quotes:

In the CL article “Farewell, Braves?” Nick Stephens says:

I cannot in good conscience root for a sports team, an organization, that fails to see the power it holds beyond simply uplifting a stadium’s crowd for a night. I cannot root for an organization that would turn its back on a community that it never did enough to foster in the first place, to move to a place so lacking in community that it has no name. I cannot root for an organization that cannot see how the magic inspired by fireworks over a neighborhood can light a child’s dreams for years on end. And mostly, I cannot root for an organization whose name will come to represent the height of irony, and hypocrisy. I can’t help feeling that the Braves are fleeing something they’ve so long wanted to ignore, rather than help make right.

This rings true with me on so many levels, the decision on the surface and even deeper seems like something the team would’ve made in the mid-60s when everyone was leaving the inner city (oh, but 1966 was the year the Braves first moved to Atlanta), or the mid-1990s which seems like a boom time for development all over the metro Atlanta area (but the Olympics came to town and Turner, naturally, got the Braves a new stadium next to the old one). So it comes in 2013, the economy’s picking up and money is the primary motivating factor (they say it’s their fans but really, come on, do YOU believe that?).

If I was a commuter from Marietta I’d be raising a stink, I think I’d just have to sleep in the office on game days because there’s no way in hell I’d get home, perhaps if MARTA went to Marietta (or Cobb at all, hello Cobb?) I could take it as an alternative to or around the game. So what ARE Mariettans saying?
“Traffic and Economics biggest hurdles to Braves’ success”

Meanwhile, writers for the Saporta Report are doing their best to get the whole story, there are lots of good reads here:
“Traffic, transit access to stadium near Cumberland Mall may be less a nightmare than some predict”
“What it would have taken for Atlanta to keep the Braves at Turner Field”
and this new take which just gives us something else to be mad about:
“Egbert Perry: Atlanta Braves did not consider GM site in Doraville
but I’ll leave you with this note, the deal is NOT QUITE DONE, there is business to done and before everyone gets excited, Jay Bookman has some wise words:
“On Braves deal, Cobb officials act like they have something to hide”

NOW, go get mad.

3 responses to “goodbye Atlanta Braves,

  • Henshaw

    The only thing to be upset about is public financing stadium projects. However, no seemed too outraged about the Falcons. Why should anyone get mad about moving a baseball stadium 17 miles closer to where most of the fans live.

    I live in Florida and have made many visits to Turner Field and Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. I never got a sense of “community” around the ballpark.

    Anyone who attempts to seriously claim they won’t for the Braves anymore for moving 17 miles probably wasn’t a real fan anyway.

    • e

      Heck yeah, there was some outrage about the Falcons demanding a new stadium because the Dome was approaching 20. 20??!!! In fact I haven’t heard a single positive reaction to the Falcons stadium including reactions not just from folks I know, but overheard reactions on Marta, and in the press except, “ooo cool pictures,” which doesn’t count. from back in March:

      Turner field: definitely lack of “community” around the ballpark (I have a friend who lives about as close as you can to it) I am no expert to say who’s to blame for that, but it seems the Braves and the city both could’ve done more on that. I doubt an entirely new development in Cobb will be any better in that regard though, sense of community at one of the busiest interstate interchanges?! they’re going to build their own community from scratch just how they want it… like what?

      on fans leaving: because it HURTS that the Braves want to abandon the heart of Atlanta, where they’re FROM. I mean, it’s like, well, it’s just like it is, they are moving to the burbs and by doing that they’re saying they’re giving up on their own city, OUR city. I feel like after decades of abandonment and demolition in the core of this city, we are fighting hard to prove that there is a lot more to Atlanta than suburbs and interstates and it hurts oh so much that the Braves seem to be of the ilk that does not see this.

      • Henshaw

        There’s an excellent article in the AJC today about what the Braves wanted from the City of Atlanta to help develop the surrounding area.

        I’m kind of surprised because the wish list was reasonable. It was much more reasonable than what the Falcons wanted.

        Looks like the city really dropped the ball on this because the Braves play 81 games downtown. That’s helps the economy more than 8 Falcons home games.

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