Where the [Edgewood] Ends

Edgewood Ave

Edgewood Avenue has been a fly in the ointment, or a bee in our bonnet, or, well, it’s been crimping our style, our ability to get to and from anywhere, for a few months now. since… April?

The Beltline, you see, is going to pass through directly beneath the Edgewood Avenue Bridge, which sounds grand, but even despite it being a 107 years old it was one of those bridges that one hardly realized was a bridge until this discussion of it coming down (here a picture of THAT!). Maybe because it is so developed next to the apparently elevated Edgewood Ave, you might not have noticed that there was actually a bridge over the lowlands unless you’d been trepidaciously exploring the Beltline right-of-way. It was just a short section of the street where you suddenly had a good view of the Marta train.

Anyway, it’s been a a serious hindrance for commuters who pass through the Krog tunnel, from Inman Park to Reynoldstown and East Atlanta. N and I have been watching the process, whenever we go to Miso we walk to where the street ends and peer over the edge. It doesn’t look like a 107 year old bridge until you see a heavy layer of bricks a few feet down—part of an old road bed? I need to examine more really, and document. As for it’s need to be replaced, I can imagine that’s true, back when it was constructed, 1906 I suppose, reinforced concrete construction was a relatively new technology—although, the first reinforced concrete bridge built in 1889 is still standing as is the largest reinforced concrete bridge from that era, built in 1910, I guess ours just wasn’t as good as those.

It’s out for WHOLE YEAR, but one day the barricades will become impassible, so the other night N and I picnicked where the street ended, perched on sandbags watching the sky change colors and the light darken on a stray cat among the bulldozers below. We’ll keep strolling out there whenever we’re nearby and dangling our legs over the edge of what was once a ravine with a railroad running through it, until they put our street back in place. And then, oh THEN we’ll bike over AND under and not have to detour ever again!

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