gardening in Rtown

speaking of Reynoldstown, I have a confession to make. See, I’ve always wanted to be part of a community garden or to have an allotment (like this lady), but to be practical it would have to be fairly near my house. So, when I found myself spending more and more time in Reynoldstown earlier this year, i did a little research and found there was a community garden in the neighborhood park just 2 blocks away! I checked it out, the place was sad and forlorn, it didn’t even look like it’d be gardened in the previous year, I decided to keep a watch on it. On Easter Sunday, the traditional planting time, I had several small plants going that were ready to be in the ground. I was growing things at V’s and turning some small plots of new soil at N’s, but nothing was adequate to the plantings I was planning for. Lots of tomatoes, and okra, and squash…

So that Sunday afternoon I headed over to the park with supplies in hand, some kale seedlings, okra seeds, and marigolds I think it was that first time. I picked one of the languishing plots (all still untouched) about halfway back and started pulling weeds. It was positively choked with weeds but the dirt beneath was rich and delicious. I put in my plants, watered with a cup from the rain barrel nearby and went on my way.

I’ve made sporadic visits to weed and throw more seeds in the ground. One plot up front was carefully cultivated not long after i worked my first one, but the others still languished so i pulled some more weeds in a corner of another bed, and more in another, planting tomatoes here and squash and cucumbers there as my seedlings were ready to be put out. Now, a few months later, 8 out of the 10 plots have gotten attention (2 1/2 by me), the most recent one in the back corner next to my first, and just the other day I ran into my first fellow gardener. When she asked what I had planted, I hemmed and hawed for just a moment, feeling a little uncertain about betraying my guerrilla tactics. In the end I downplayed my methods, saying I’d filled this plot, stuck that plant there, a few tomatoes there… no big deal.

Actually, it WAS no big deal. Below is my sumptious squash that someone else photographed a few weeks ago. I’d allowed the weeds to grow up all around it so that everyone thought it was a volunteer, not surprising for squash anyway. It has seen the only fruit although it unfortunately ripened while we were out of town and i’m certain those deep yellow knobbly summer squash were no longer good. Since then, we’ve had so much rain that all my squash everywhere else has drowned, the green tomatoes aren’t ripening and I haven’t checked on the okra yet. Putting more squash seeds in the ground and hoping for some dry weather and sunny heat, I want to see some red tomatoes!

squash at rtown garden ET

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