paint job

Friday we had a workday. The interior color scheme of the Moore-Lewis House in Sparta, is, well, less of a scheme than it is a valiant effort to keep a local paint store in business by finding a use for the colors no one else wanted. I mean, the bold and brilliant orange that adorned the front and upstairs halls was not really that bad a color, but it is much better suited to be on C or B’s bridesmaids’ dresses that on the walls of anyone’s entry hall. Especially sponge-painted.



While half of the crew worked in the yard with gas-powered push mowers and hand-held hedge trimmers, we sweated it out on the inside pushing rollers of Kilz up and down those orange walls and cutting in around the trim. We did alright, and I’ve got to say, it looks way more open, airy, and just downright pleasant when you walk in than it did before.

We’ll let the next owner deal with those red sidelights. Now, anyone in the market for a good cheap house in Sparta?



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