Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook

I was given the what-for a while ago for not telling my mother about it, I can’t believe I haven’t yet shared it here!

The handbook is part of the reason I was hired at the Georgia Trust, I did the design of course, and made some editorial contributions as well. The handbook is intended for Georgia citizens primarily, an educational tool for understanding what historic preservation is all about, what it means in your community, what it can do in your community, your property, and why history, and preservation of our built environment is important. It also includes plenty of good practical information on working with local historic districts (and what they are), easements, laws and tax incentives. Cause we all want to know how we personally will benefit financially.

It was released this past September, but in its online downloadable (or not) format, it is highly updatable and the plan is to update on a regular (bi-annual?) basis. The link should always be the same. If you’ve got any additions please let Carmie McD at the Fox Theatre Institute know, she’s in charge.


2 responses to “Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook

  • P

    Neat! I like the Guide to Historical Research section. Doesn’t seem to be downloadable or viewable on an iPad though :(

    • e

      someone pointed out it was downloadable through issuu if you signed up (ugh), issuu seems to be the issue and not all we thought it would be, though still pretty cool. not viewable on an iPad is disappointing indeed, hmm.

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