beltline to date

A few weeks ago Mom and P came to visit for the Uptown Rhodes Race 5K and to hang in the Atl for the weekend. It was, as so far every weekend has been this fall, beautiful. One afternoon P and I abandoned Mom to her own resources and took to beltline. If you’ll recall, last time I showed P the beltline it looked a lot different:


This time things were a bit more tame.

The Reynoldstown stretch is still unpaved, but the short stretch is worth the walking detour on your way to the beginning of the pavement on Irwin St. In true beltline spirit it is jam-packed with art installations, something I hope will never change about the beltline. You have to wonder though, one day, will the path be so legit it can no longer suffer such expressions as pennies strung glittering from trees and fabric woven into a chainlink fence. My favorite bit of art is on the paved part, a wigwam tunnel. The same artist had a wigwam before the paving with a swing inside. This version, while larger and longer, is also lower. I thought I would trick P into getting stuck, but apparently he is a pro Lizard-crawler.


A few more notes:
– it take approximately 8 min to bike furious from Monroe to Irwin (the full length of the east pavement) in the middle of the night with no traffic
– this distance is approximately 2 miles as reported by V who did the Beltline 5K the other day
– that was V’s FIRST TIME on the beltline, how could I have let that happen??!

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