nearing the end

This is the homestretch of my Historic Preservation grad school days. I mean REALLY the homestretch, I am almost within a week of freedom! (and then I’ve got to get back to some freelance work…) As mom pointed out to me the other day, I’m the first one with a Masters! I think she meant the first in my family. LW-cover1Coming from a pretty well educated group of folks (men and women alike) that is kind of surprising. Or it could just be a sign of the times, as I heard on NPR this morning, jobs that didn’t require a Bachelors or a Masters 5 years ago are requiring them now, requiring. This field is one of them. But I have no time for an expanded post on the “End of School Dayz” Round 2 (or 3 really if you count MSMS and I would). I’ve got studying to do. I just wanted to report that I’ve found my direction on this project, the last HP group project I will participate in and design as a grad student. From here on out I want to get paid for this s**t!


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