Fall with Friends

I sweep the front walk and the back deck almost every day now. The slightest breeze sends a whirlwind of leaves, yellow, brown, red, propellering through the air. Yesterday the Cabbagetown Chomp & Stomp Chili Festival hit upon another perfect weekend, since I’ve been around it has never failed to be just the right temp, sunny and beautiful—make note for future events, 1st weekend in November is a winner. 

Little could be more blissful than Atlanta in the fall (ok, maybe anywhere in the fall). Fall festivities seem to be about running into people you don’t see too often, even when the cell phone reception prohibits organized running-in-to. It’s been a kind of perfect weekend in that regard. Yesterday it was B and K and various contingents, today an unexpected C and S. Thanks to the time change it was still morning when we biked over to the Grant Park Mkt (thank goodness cause I needed some breakfast) and just as we were contemplating sitting or getting some turnips, there were C and S. Having each just bought pastries we sat down under the trees to dine together, ending up with leaves as well as pastry crumbs in our iced teas and coffees.

A bike ride back through the leafy streets and now it’s buckle-down time though I’d rather be raking leaves!

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