I have never been to a place quite like Bonaventure. It was well trafficked on the Sunday morning that we dropped in but with all the vegetation, cars and people are not so intrusive. I’ve never seen so much vegetation, so much shadow and sunlight, in a cemetery!! Bonaventure was established in 1846 when a family cemetery on a plantation out from Savannah was incorporated into the larger burial grounds that were in keeping with the just-blossoming rural cemetery movement. In reading the wikipedia article on Bonaventure, I discovered that John Muir spent several night in the cemetery on his trek through the area in 1867. This is interestingly fitting for the purpose of our journey to coastal Georgia was to research the home plantation of the LeConte family, not least of whom is Joseph LeConte, one of the founding members of the Sierra Club and buddies with John Muir out in California. I makes me think John Muir might’ve stopped by the Woodmanston Plantation too, it being the homeplace of his friend. (well, I don’t know how close they were, but they knew each other.) Well, Bonaventure, I can see it would have been a very pleasant place to pass a few nights. Think about that this Halloween.



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