Herndon House

So the Herndon house is really cool, and the story is extensive and rewarding around Georgia’s first black millionaire. You should go!

This was an interesting and super-educational experience for the few of us Historic Pres students who showed up for a special tour on Saturday. I really did not know much about Alonzo Herndon before this visit which showed a side of black Atlanta in early 1900s that is very fascinating. It was a fascinating time for Atlanta. The home tells a very interesting story of the Herndon family themselves, historically of the family, currently of the Foundation, photography, for instance, is highly restricted (themes with me lately?).

What grabbed my attention the most was the story the decoration of the house told of the family and trends of the times. You can read so much in the way a home is set, what does the choice of silver paint in your bedroom say about a lady? and you’ll have to go there to see what i’m talking about, but I will continue to question the date of that front hall being painted and the aesthetic taste of whoever did make that decorating decision, the lovely Adrienne Herndon or not. Perhaps more on that later (:

I can’t find their website but here is some info: The Herndon Home is located at 587 University Pl., NW, in Atlanta. Guided tours are conducted hourly from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays and by appointment only on Saturdays. There is a fee for admission. Call 404-581-9813

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