lessons learned

(finally posting about our September 6 adventure to that ever so historic part of Georgia)

We probably shouldn’t’ve stayed so long at the R-L house, and maybe we shouldn’t’ve lingered over that not-bread-pudding (pineapple cake) at the Country Buffet (that was some gooood rice and okra and baked chicken and green beans…), or maybe it was the popping into the Hancock County Courthouse that did us in (photo) but really, REALLY I didn’t expect Mr and Mrs D to suck us in for THAT LONG!!

It was right after lunch and we strolled from the square in Sandersville to their house. I had learned from last year that I would have to nip the conversation in the bud before it’d even begun or we would be there for 3 hours again (at least this time my belly was full), and I must say I did a fairly good job! I told her up front when the door opened that we would just have ourselves a look around and be on our way because we were kind of in a hurry, had to get back to Atlanta by 4:30 (it was already 1:00, with a 3 hr drive ahead of us and a stop in Louisville too). But, she said, she just couldn’t let me go without seeing all they’d accomplished in the last year! I like these folks, I really do, and, well, how can you say no, you’ve just stated your case plain as day you can only hope they heard you. I hadn’t learned well enough. We saw the living room and the parlor (again because J hadn’t been there last year) and the bathroom and the kitchen (work tk) and on the back porch (by then I was sure she’d forgotten our urgency) we ran into Mr. D and he cornered J while she kept my attention. I snapped pictures as they talked, it looked the same, condition fine, a work in progress, good. We saw the garden and had to see the new fence across the back to keep the deer out, modeled after what is at the old Georgia State capitol at Milledgeville, or was, but they’ve modified it here you see, it’s better. Now the path, you must see the path and here we found ourselves back at the front. I thought we were done, i nodded to James who was bending half of one ear to Mr. D still, but as I turned back to say goodbye I was assaulted with “Oh! while they finish talking I’ve got to show you the molding in the upstairs hall, he made the chair rail to match the one downstairs!” whaaat??! really, i have to go back inside, upstairs real quick to see some molding?? I can picture it, really, I can.

So 10 minutes later we were finally headed to the car, we had less than 3 hours to run through Louisville, snap some photos of the last inspection and get back to Atlanta for class, did I mention we both had class at 4:30?? It was J’s turn to drive and mine to study. I pulled out the map to pick our best path, gray roads and black roads and red roads, we took em all at a speedy clip so I hunkered down in the passenger’s seat and concentrated on the paper in my lap in a great effort not to see the road coming at me at 80 mph. The Prius was averaging a miserable 35 mpg, I turned off the screen, and looked back at my schoolwork. We made it back safe and sound and I was in class only an hour late, but I refused to get back in the car for 3 days.

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