H and M have been house hunting and it’s raised several questions, again, like, how come it’s so expensive to live closer to town? Our lower income folks (not like me with a middle-class mind set but truly low-income) are THE most reliant on public transportation and the biggest users of it and yet, most of us know, it is hard to find a decent rent close to the train station. Heck, I can’t even get within biking distance.

I’m wrong, though, I could live on the west side, I could opt for an uber-cheap low income apartment off the Sandy Springs stop… I guess what I’m saying is, why I can’t i find a tiny little cottage in reynoldstown or cabbagetown or kirkwood for about $600 a month? I suppose that’s a silly question. but seriously, why can’t H and M find one for twice that amount?? even in the EAV? I guess it’s the wrong time of year. Instead they are swinging from their last gig on the westside to a place nearly as far away on the eastside. At least it’s our half of town and there is no interstate or downtown between us.

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