Streets Alive!

well the days are cool, the sun is bright and guess what? the BELTLINE IS OPEN!! ok, well, just the stretch from Inman Park to Piedmont Park (the first a neighborhood the latter a greenspace you know). After some encouragement I went, and though i didn’t quite feel committed enough to bike over there it is SO easy to throw my bike (the “new” one) into the Prius and drive to Edgewood, that’s just what I did. Of course, once I’m on that bike I feel like I could ride forever, that’s just how wonderful it is, but I tend to forget that when I’m sitting at home. I digress though. I was phoneless but I kept my eyes peeled for familiar faces and sure enough, I soon ran into P and his friend D. I made a u-turn and we went searching for food. We hit the jackpot, foodtruck heaven, on the beltline overpass.

dary and paul, sittin' on a wall

Unfortunately P’s tire died, reason unknown, and he had to walk back in search of the Sopo stand while D and I navigated the much more crowded beltline. it was LOVELY. Picked up some pound cake that would go well with the lemon buttermilk sorbet I didn’t know I was going to get but I would, later. After making the loop back to N. Highland we found P again but no tire patches, alas. Luckily no one had far to go, and having to walk one way or the other wasn’t all that bad. We left P to fend for himself and I went off in search of something like that lemon buttermilk sorbet I eventually found and D pedaled off to his “class” at the Living Well Garden (jealous).

So, what IS Streets Alive! you ask? It seems to be an event for which they’ve just blocked off most of Highland Dr (from VaHi down through Inman Park) for a few hours on a beautiful fall afternoon, encouraged anyone who wants to set up a tent and hawk their wares (mostly businesses along the way but some bake sale types), and food trucks of course. cars are not too inhibited, with policemen at the major intersections to let traffic through when the light changes. it was all very friendly feeling and open. Meanwhile, bocce ball is played in the street here, or a bike polo game over there, a jumprope set up in the middle that we bikers slipped around carefully—the deal is just to get people IN THE STREET YO!. It wasn’t too crowded through most of the length which was very nice, pedestrians and bikers strolling together, but you SHOULD watch out—sudden veering toward bowls of free brownie bites can be particularly dangerous.

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