July 31 – Transportation VOTE!!

people, a word on the vote July 31:

I’ve been hearing/reading some complaints I want to address, I don’t agree with everything in the TSPLOST tax, especially since it’s not ALL for public transportation, but I have to acknowledge that everyone needs better roads too and this is for EVERYONE not just us train-lovers and “ideal transit system” dreamers. but I think this about public transit:

1. they need money/they need riders—this will get them money, ridership depends on YOU. How can you make public transportation better if YOU don’t use it?
2. I’ve read a lot of disparaging remarks about buses, “it’s just going to mean more buses” as if that’s not real public transit but let me tell you something, you can ride a bus, it’s ok, it’s still a public people mover eliminating the need for individual cars. In fact, public transportation is much more flexible, as with most transit options, if the frequency of buses on even the current routes is increased (after recent decreases) it makes them much more usable. Anyway, flexibility, the bus goes to my house, a light rail never will, so I NEVER have to get in the car. just saying don’t dis on buses.

I think that’s it. Don’t let yourself get discouraged because the world won’t be perfect after this 1% tax is put to use. Another thing I heard on an npr story, if we don’t stand up and say we’re willing to invest in our OWN transit (incl roadways) then federal dollars are more likely to pass us over. This is about so much more than you.

While you’re at it, I bet you can take a bus to your polling place, for me it’s the 32 south on Bouldercrest.

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