toodling up hwy 41

Chula Untitled

J read off the names of the upcoming whistle-stops as we drove out of Tifton. Our final courthouse for this trip would be Cordele after which we’d get on I-75 and get on home. We’d just been through Sparks and Eldorado after leaving Adel, which is appropriately pronounced A-delle. J had decided to collect courthouses earlier in the day and by the time we got on 75 we’d’ve racked up 10, a good dent in the 156 there are to collect. It was also a good excuse to ride up highway 41, always more exciting than the interstate. Most of the way the interstate was visible to our left and the railroad tracks to our right, then sometimes they’d switch, once we got a train thundering by on one side while truck traffic poured north on the other. In the county seats tractors rolled down main street and filled up at gas stations, but transportation methods were not all that thrilled us on this 2-lane highway. A buick on a front porch and an elephant in a graveyard were some of the more exciting sightings. It warn’t bad for a whirlwind tour of southwest Georgia.

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