my first demo

I couldn’t bear to see all that good wood go to waste, wide 12″ boards for siding on open studs, nothing fancy, i’d figured it all out weeks ago, months ago really is when I started dreaming, but suddenly it was pressing, the landfill was in the foreseeable future, the renovation at hand. Counting the boards i realized it was only a pick-up truck load, it was doable, I just didn’t know where to start.

so I called my friends who did know, emailed them this hairbrained idea of salvaging a garage in Druid Hills, a 1930ish GARAGE and taking it to Sunshine. where I would, one day, reassemble it in some lesser form. I envisioned a 1-car-sized shed, gable end roof, the back roofed in corrugated fiberglass, a greenhouse space. the windows would be on either side… It could turn out to be like the log cabin Dad stored in Mo’s pasture all those years and never got to reassemble, but I hope not, I really want to have my dream-shed. So, first things first, i had to take it down.

I like the way B put it when I went over to discuss the realities of this proposition, “so,” he said, “you’re ready for your first demo.” 


I was excited. I AM excited. J, P, B, and his friend T who had dibs on the garage doors (if he came and helped get them). By the end, the garage was a skeletal thing, but all of it fit in the back of pick-up truck, or will, when i take it to MS for now it’s occupying minimal space in the carport. I couldn’t save the bathroom tile and tubs, the wonderful cabinets in the dressing room or the medicine cabinets, but I could save that garage, and i have. Now, I just have to reuse.

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