Roswell, for a change.

Thursday through Sunday I lived in North Atlanta for a change, staying with Aunt D in Sandy Springs and commuting each day to Roswell for the Preservation Conference and the Georgia Trust’s Spring Ramble. It was a pretty good weekend, but I came home beat each night and struggled to get a little schoolwork done and then wake up and do a little more while i had a cup of coffee before heading 10 miles north on Roswell Rd. Not a bad commute at all.

But what did I learn?

“Reduce Reuse Recycle!”
the original green
“Reuse, Reinvest, Retrofit” (um…)
U = 1/R
old single-panes are about 1R, new windows might be 3R, but your walls are 13R, so… why bother.
from an environmental standpoint, foam insulation might not be so great cause it takes forever to break down (but wouldn’t that be ok if you intend to keep it in you walls forever?)
you don’t REALLY need insulation in your walls anyway, ceiling and floors, and keep DRAFTS out around windows.
what about a thermostat that modulates interior temp with outdoor temp? yes!
smart thermostats.

most exciting thing I walked away with was a talk by this woman with Partners for Sacred Places, perhaps it’s time I start going to church again, but churches have been coming up a lot lately, and I am interested in them. I’m interested in their role in the community, the preservation of their historic structures, their sanctuaries, and the evolving needs of a modern church and whether they want pews or chairs (like St. Bart’s did, that’s on my list to inspect on my next trip to nyc). Figuring out personal faith is not something I’ll explore here, this is a very secular take on church.

That said, Ms. Elizabeth T was a cheerleader for church community. How inspiring it was to hear of the ways this organization works with church communities to revitalize their mission, their spirit and, maybe in all that, their buildings. Sacred spaces serve so many more people than their congregations and Partners for Sacred Places brings the church and the community together, to revitalize the church with their community’s needs in mind. On a more practical note, if an organization can claim that it serves X% of non-members it is considered a community organization/building and can claim more governmental aid and grants. My notes are sporadic and with no particular project in my reach, I was just generally inspired, floating high on her Ms. T’s enthusiasm.

The warm oatmeal cookies on Friday morning were my favorite.
also, working at the bar. the Trust gets assigned the best tasks.

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