the overblown bungalow

candler park drive

here is something I was pondering recently. Us preservationists, in doing surveys and examining districts for National Register nominations and the like are constantly appraising houses on their historical integrity and trying to figure out when it was built. Good clues are chimneys and the foundation, but sometimes even that is covered up. This particular house on Candler Park Drive is a good example of a house that IS old, an original 1910-20s, one-storey craftsman bungalow but that looks entirely new. From the street all you can see is a new brick foundation, even if you tried to peer over the back fence you’d run into the expanded breakfast area so, still no evidence of the old, but I can tell you that this monster used to be a one-story craftsman bungalow like the ones across the street from it and was only exploded in 2008.

we try to look sad The only reason I would know is because my parents used to live here back in 1976/77 and Vivian and I caught the house in transition one February day.

The lesson? Mom and Dad said at the time they’d probably have done the same thing eventually if they’d held onto the place, my thoughts? I dig good architecture, and don’t mind additions, but I don’t appreciate new construction made to look like it was old, plus I am way tired of Atlanta’s favorite house: the Exploded Craftsman Bungalow. (open to better name suggestions)

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