The [vegetable] Plot Thickens

I couldn’t resist. I was out in the garden and started chuckling as i shoveled dirt with my hands for the Beet Root Boltardy seeds I’d just found. damn, wrong time to plant those, well, we’ll plant half and see what happens!


It wasn’t going to be a gardening evening. I had something to turn in my 7pm and it was already close to 6:00 when i got home but… well, it was going to rain soon and I thought I’d better heap some dirt around those potatoes BEFORE it poured, and then, well, before a rain sure is a good time to plant some other things, one thing led to another and I was scatter marigold seeds in front of the fava beans (there are beans on the big ones at last!) uncovering seed packets of Irish Peas, Beet Root Boltardy and Black Krim Tomatoes (dang it, I thought i didn’t have any tomatoes and was happy to just buy plants but now i have to start at least these from seed and it’s so late!). Mom brought me all those from Ireland so… I better put em to work. Then i ended up remaking old pots of dirt for the peas and making a new “pot of arugula (in a Clementine box for kicks) and stopping to admire my cilantro. Then, at 7:45 I washed my hands and sat down to write for school.

But my vegetable plot IS thickening, particularly the fava beans which have been the longest in the ground. I have to say, this winter has been downright confusing, never knowing when to plant potatoes (yep, planting in bags, very excited) or kale or Arugula. Now I feel like i should be putting out tomato plants already but I haven’t even started the seeds (I almost did that tonight too but now I’m on to school work until the wee hours). Even though the earwigs nearly demolished the kale and arugula the first night they were out, i’ve had some success it seems combating with insect soap spray and am hopeful I will be eating more than one fresh-picked leaf at a time soon.

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