Welcome to Georgia,

This is a “Butterfly Weed

I stop at the Georgia Welcome Center almost every time i go by on my way home from Mississippi. It is one of my favorites, something about the trees in the picnic area and the way the ’70’s gravel facade radiates the light of the late afternoon sun. When P and I stopped there on New Years Day, the sycamore leaves were crisp on the ground, the air cold, the light warm—a general pleasant-ness of atmosphere pervaded as always there by the highway. This past Sunday I stopped again and noticed this lovely installation. To be honest, I noticed the recycled rubber path before (it looks just like dark brown mulch but it’s bouncy, positively wonderful to walk on!), but this time I walked along it, bounced on it a little and then noticed the placards by the trees and plants. What a lovely opportunity to learn a little something!

Personally, I think it’s VERY helpful when trees and plants have labels.
And rubber paths with placards is nice too.

Anyway, I think every welcome center should follow suit, installing some pleasant, educational departure for their roadside visitors. How lovely a break it is.


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