Buford Highway dash

Burford Highway is known for its [often] cheap, ethnic food. It’s where you go in Atlanta to find dim sum and bahn mi and pho. Those eateries that most of us drive to are there thanks to the extensive immigrant communities that the area supports. Our class is researching a neighborhood along Buford in Doraville so last night when we met residents at the Doraville Civic Center I took Marta. It’s amazing just how accessible the Marta train station is in Doraville, sitting on top of what used to be their town center, and our Northwoods neighborhood is a mere 2 blocks away but separated by, you got it, the ocean of Buford Highway.

In these suburban communities designed for automobile use, folks without their own wheels and a ton of metal to protect them have rough go of it just to get across those necessary 7 lanes. With such a large immigrant community and access to public transit, everyone does NOT have their own car, but they still have to get across Buford—so they dash. You can imagine the problems here, this PBS special tells you all I want you to hear:

Anyway, in the interim between arriving on Marta and meeting at the Civic Center, I needed (yes needed) to get to the Mozart Bakery for a snack and to get some work done (we have no leftover in the house, my lunch had been cheese and crackers, the least i could do is find some Asian pastries, heavy on the almonds, for dinner). But I had to cross Buford Highway. I was resigned to walking past the Bakery to the crosswalk a block further down retracing my steps but I was in a hurry to sit down and work and i decided that IF an opening in traffic allowed here at the top of the hill where i thought i could see in both directions, I WOULD do the Buford Highway Dash myself. An opening appeared, one light was red, and I dashed. Luckily found a convenient crosswalk on the way back to the Civic Center, but most stretches of Burford are not so lucky.

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