descending to MARTA

Descending into the depths of the Earth This morning I got on Marta (technically MARTA) at the Peachtree Center station for the first time and was shocked at the escalators that just went down and down and dowwwwwwnn. Yikes, it made me a little nervous but i reminded myself that i’d been on plenty of deep escalators under the streets of New York so I should not worry. In fact, it turns out that Peachtree Center station is marta’s deepest (thank goodness) at 125 feet below street level. The deepest station in New York (which is only accessible by elevator actually made me QUITE nervous the one time I went got off there) is 180 feet below the street—191st St station up near Inwood.

With the Peachtree Center station I really had to wonder ‘why so deep?’ after all, the next station just a few blocks away is perched ABOVE the interstate! I was unable to find a cutaway of the Marta station depths like i wanted but I DID find this awesome Marta Guide for trepidatious Marta riders and experienced Marta commuters alike. It includes articles on how to navigate individual stations, what restaurants or attractions are nearby and general tips on courtesy and ease of use. Who knew! Now I wish i had an iPhone to keep this information handy–now, should I exit the train to the left or right to get to Eastbound…

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