Lithonia x3

In the last 5 days I’ve been Lithonia and the Arabia Mtn Heritage Area 3 times.

on THURSDAY, K, M and I went out to the Houseworth-Moseley House to give our newest addition to the Revolving Fund the once-over, consider a listing price and assess what needed to be done on a future workday to help stabilize it (a previous year’s listing). The Houseworth-Moseley house is perfect for a farming couple, and if i had me a farmer I’d want to be there in a hearbeat, till up the front yard for some organic crops, keep chickens where the trailer currently is, store moonshine, i mean water, in the makeshift springhouse… Being only me and not a farmer (as I established a few years ago), I will sadly have to pass that dream to someone else.

path on FRIDAY, I stowed my bike in the Taurus and headed back for a midday ride on the Arabia Mtn trail. This time I went north from the parking lot for my first visit to Lithonia and decided I really wouldn’t mind living there in town. Plenty of cute old houses in need of a little TLC abutting the 3 or so blocks of the downtown district. Quaint, not much to do but bike to Arabia and Panola mountains. Just like living at Houseworth-Moseley, as K and I discussed, the commute would be a little much, unless we could work out some sort of work from home OR get me a new job at Arabia:

SUNDAY, J, G and I went again to Klondike Rd. to tour the cemeteries and Lyons Farm that J studied in last semester’s Landscapes class. The rain held off until we got to Lyons Farm and continued intermittently light and hard as we hiked up to the Flat Rock African American/Slave Cemetery, along the boardwalk spur of the Arabia Mtn trail, and finally Chupp Cemetery closer to town. The farm is a dream come true and if it would cost less I would happily live there, on the Heritage Area property, in exchange for aiding the restoration of the farmhouse, tilling the land of Wonderland Gardens, and acting, generally, as a ranger for the trails. Sound like a plan? Who do I need to contact to get this going??

G and J at Lyons’ farm, farmhouse in background

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