a home of one’s own

It has been one hell of a weekend. In an effort to fix everything that is wrong in my life I went searching for a place to live. Have my own space again at last, visions of a tiny hermit apartment where no one else interrupted my studying or my lonesomeness—ALL my own space and however small because, after all, I can’t afford anything more than a cave.

And caves are what I found: a renovated cinderblock (i mean, CMU) former crackhouse duplex; a 2nd level duplex with a ceiling that interrupted the door lintels, windows you have to bend over to look out of, and a kitchen floor that sagged in the middle; and a beautifully renovated efficiency cottage that won my heart but which, sadly, i had to admit my “stuff” had already outgrown.

More interestingly, I forced myself out on a rainy Sunday morning to discover some neat new areas of Atlanta. The affordable hovels above were all in my preferred swath of the atl—Edgewood/Kirkwood, East Atlanta on Moreland, and East Lake at Ridgecrest respectively—but when I broadened my horizons to South Atlanta the possibilities were much more to my liking. East Point, Oakland City and Capitol View neighborhoods all have much to offer, cute little bungalows, just the right size for 1 or 2 people, cheap rent (a whole house for $650, now you’re talking), close to the north-south Marta line (and the airport). In fact, it could be the perfect place to buy, but I will not be at that point until the rest of the up and coming in Atlanta have caught on as well. Sad but true. Also sad is that even I, with all my bravado of street-smart skillz, feel a little sketched at the idea of living in the Capitol View neighborhood as a single solitary lady. Additionally my friends are not too close and it is surprising how indirect the route is from Moreland Ave to Metropolitan Pkwy and Lee St—

So I’m sitting back on my haunches and waiting for the a better option to turn up, something between east and west, between dangerous and safe, between cave and 3-bedroom home. Maybe it was the impromptu pozole that Viv and I concocted last night, but [I decided] I’d rather not go through the moving process until I find a hermitage I can tolerate and even love for a good long while.

This backyard efficiency cottage with it’s screen porch and European kitchenette was ideal for an adventure, but is a brief adventure worth the move-out/move-in process? and there was no place for Pekoe in a yard with collie dogs ): The little Capitol View cottage though (top) might be my dream, if i could make some friends on that side of town.

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