Ga. tag

well, Georgia has selected a new license plate design. Personally i prefer the one we have now, much cleaner, than this. As one irritated commenter put it, it’s an “Art 101 illustration of a peach orchard,” which is sadly accurate. If I had been a good Georgia citizen I would’ve voted for this one (right), but it’s done and my main concern is a few logistical questions: How will they fit special plate images on there (Historic Preservation)? and then, maybe they won’t make me update my plate?

As for the designer in me, I’m reading the comments—mainly designers gripping about why can’t we have a cool bold 2-color retro design and I find I agree, after all 2-colors are so identifiable, it stands out, it’s bold, you don’t have to get up close to see what state that tag it from, it screams to you, “North Carolina!!” I AM a fan of NC’s Blue Ridge Parkway tag although it made me sad when the Empire state banished my beloved skyline and the austerity of the clean white and blue tag to go with the retro cabby yellow. so, yeah, i can agree with the dissenters, but i don’t care that much, certainly not as much as i cared about the flag change back in 2003, and I have to wonder, where has my fire gone??

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