bj was in town for less than 24 hrs but she got to experience some of my most favorite parts of Atlanta which is something to say for such a busy day! While I worked at the copy shop in the morning, she sat at Joe’s for a while and explored the retail of East Atlanta like Urban Cannibals and Bound to be Read Books. East Atlanta Village, check.

As soon as I got off we headed downtown where I had an appointment at the HPD office to look up some National Register properties in Atlanta. We had to hoof it from my usual parking spot through the midday heat and sun, and around the capitol building to make it in a timely manor, we were sweaty. getting hot, check. digging through old house files and photos, check.

Then it was on the the Sweet Auburn Curb Market where we browsed our options for food and finally came to Ciao Boca, which, bej, does indeed mean “hello mouth” where we shared some delicious salads, a lemonciata (yum!), and an amazing kitchen sink of a panini. I highly recommend it. To top it off we got to sample their lemon “tiramisu,” and bj got herself 4 peaches for the road. Sweet Auburn Curb Market, check. delicious food, check. Pearson Farm peaches, check!

Then we hiked on over to Five Points Station where i put her on the train to the airport. Downtown Atlanta and a Marta ride, check (:

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