summer storms

It rained for the first time ever in Atlanta on Wednesday, it was pretty incredible. Well, it certainly felt like the first time ever. I was getting out of class and intended to head to the grocery store cause we were out of coffee but the stormy sky enticed me to walk around a few blocks with my nose in the air and by the time I got in my car (and the storm was bearing down on downtown) there was no way I was going to let myself get stuck in Kroger. We’re still out of coffee. At home there was a misguided and unnecessary attempt to protect the tomatoes from the hail, but luckily they survived the sheet i threw over them. The power went out when the rain started too so we cooked mac and cheese by flashlight (and gas stove) and played Rummikub with tealights. It was only 9:30 though and I was nowhere near tired so i read in my room with a headlamp, just like a caveman!!

One response to “summer storms

  • bizharts

    i’d never noticed it hailing before or i’d managed to always be indoors or something, but it was exciting.

    we rescued a lost dog at work, wednesday night. she’d run away from home with all the commotion.

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