guerilla tomatoes

Monday morning the last few tomato plants were still sitting on our front porch, staring me in the face, pleading with me to be let out of their yogurt containers so they could take off like all their brothers and sisters already distributed to various garden plots around atlanta (P, B, B&K, our own yard… just to name a few). Where could they go?? then it hit me this was would take guerilla action, after all, for someone who’s practiced absentee gardening with some success (by the way, my stop at Sunshine for the first time in 6 months last week revealed a good bit of healthy garlic, a bunch of good-looking collards, and some volunteer Thai basil!), there could be many worse fates for a healthy little tomato plant than throwing it out into the wilds of east atlanta to fend for itself and, hopefully, give fruit to the neighbors.

So, Monday afternoon i enlisted B in this project and we coasted down the hill to Gresham and one of several public right-of-ways our neighborhood enjoys. As I feared, most of the path was flanked by vigorous poison ivy, even around the bridge and the creek where someone once planted monkey grass to keep other weeds down. That would’ve been a perfect spot and maybe next winter we’ll get out there and do our best to rid the place of the poison weed to make room for a tiny veg plot or a fruit tree… In any case, we settled on the entrance where a neighbor’s mowing is keeping the weeds at bay. We planted them along the public side of a fence, B hauled water from the stream in a found styrofoam cup and we dragged out a landscaping tie to block off the 3 Brandywines and 1 tomatillo (de Milpa) that we hope will prevail. It’s so hot and dry lately though i’m really not sure, crossing my fingers for some serious rain tomorrow to really soak them.


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