No Mas es no mas.

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The building sits on the corner of Huff Rd and Foster St on the west side of Atlanta near the waterworks (on the same side street as Forsyth Fabrics and the Goat Farm). This area, and Huff Rd in particular, appears to have been an area of neglect for some time. Although most of the west side is now coming back in leaps and bounds, the progress goes on alongside still-abandoned properties: a new Anthropologie, a snazzy restaurant, a graffiti encrusted, chain-link-fenced-off warehouse… In this area we see Jakle’s growth and decay “going on simultaneously” very well illustrated.

Back to No Mas, the signage is mostly intact, telling us that this place had something to do with film production, supplying studio set accessories like lighting and furniture for production companies. Supplies in general are a reasonable enterprise for this side of town that has been, and still is, the supply support for local business (how to describe businesses that mostly serve the business community? paper supply companies for copy shops, endless fabric warehouses, rugs, curtains for interior designers, statuary for landscapers…).

But that’s not what you’d this it was, from the street it looks like a Mexican restaurant and with all the bright colors it may take a second glance to notice that it’s even abandoned. A pool sits in the front lawn, cracked and broken, a gateway awaits you at the top of long stair leading the building, you’d think you were someplace ancient except that on closer inspection the elegant tiles look cheap, a product of the last few years and not, perhaps, meant to last after all. Still, though the pool is broken and the cracks in the sidewalks are filled with weeds tall enough to inhibit your passage, and the landscaped plants have given over to jungle growth, there is a sense that this place was abandoned well before it’s time, arrested in the middle of a vibrant life.

What happened? Did a small business try to bite off more than it could chew, outdo itself when they moved into a new building? Or did the money just disappear, due to bad investments, a swindling owner, developer or the mafia? The billboard that sits tackily just feet above the makes me think the owner/developer has their fingers in many pies and when this enterprise failed they just found a way to utilize it for ad space. At any rate, es ist No Mas.

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