I cannot resist taking pictures of my seedlings, they’re so beautiful! So it must be time for a garden update. I have started everything from seed this year and most of it saved seed from last year. Today I sowed some Cleome collected by Aunt Dora along with Marigold and Zinnias collected from our yard. I did buy the favas, a great big bag and they’re doing beautifully in the side garden though just this past week the sweet gum has leafed out and I’m not sure if that will slow things down there. The kale planted a month ago is not growing but the mustard is, and the garlic also on the side will be fine as long as the cat or chipmunks stop digging around it.

the Italian bean from W & R is doing quite well. They sent me some plants at Sunshine in 2009 via mom and dad, and though I have never gotten enough to eat, I’ve saved seed and replanted ever since, a few more beans each year and it’s a very pretty vine!

I am excited to see that all the ornamental quince I pulled up at Sunshine last spring and heeled into the ground here watering diligently when it was dry, is doing quite well. That and forsythia are probably my most favoritest shrubs/flowers, I still don’t have any forsythia.

The rest of my seedlings, brandywine and black plum tomatoes, a tomatillo, lombardi chilies, plenty of basil, yellow squash, acorn squash, some chard, and cantelope are doing just fine. I put a few tomatoes in yogurt cups today, their final transition so they can get big enough to plant out in a few weeks. These, like last year, will mostly be given away to people with garden beds. I get excited whenever anyone mentions garden space they have, because _I_ want to use it. If you want to get on my list just let me know!

pretty seedlings

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