Turned Georgian

Several years ago, back in New York City, i kept a blog called “new york days” in which i wrote about my adventures in and around my home as a transplant. I wish i could point you to those posts as they were usually a great read, but somehow I lost that blog shortly after moving south and starting the Sunshine blog. You can, however, peruse the various photos taken for “new york days” and get some idea of the myriad adventures.

Now I have called Atlanta my home for well over a year—I even have the license and Dekalb Co tags to PROVE my residency. I have had adventures here, but so far they have been undocumented! what a shame, i say, what a waste! the blog itself serves half as encouragement for these adventures, a place to go in order to write, or a place to write because i went. In any case, it is high time I  start something. Not to mention the fact that, as many of you know, I am now in grad school for Historic Preservation and so some of my future wanderings promise to be very well researched. This is in no way related to schoolwork though we do have a blog for American Built Environments which may serve as a dual posting point for me depending on what sorts of entries we are encouraged to write. I also hope to get up a backlog of unwritten posts from the past year, i hope you don’t mind. Atlanta more and more is where I know I should be right now in my life, where i feel I belong. Twice a week I ride the bus downtown to school and home again, I pass houses and sit at bars my parents once knew, I play kickball where I imagine they sat in the grass. Though I’m not from Atlanta, there is something of roots here for me in this transient city.

as for the Sunshine blog, i intend to keep it up as appropriate. All things related to the house, Cavett family, the land and farming life will still be posted there.

I’ll be back-dating some posts so be sure to scroll down!


t-shirt reads “I Love Atlanta”—I guess it was meant to be

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